The "Run It" Contest: Win Vinyl, Exclusive Shirt, & CD!


Tomorrow (Juneteenth), I finally get to release my video, “Run It.” Directed by Zack David, not only is this a long time coming, but I also wanted to do something special for those that waited for it. What is that something special? Check it out:

When the video is released, 3 fans will have a chance to win a prize package which includes a signed vinyl, an exclusive shirt, and a signed CD.

How do you enter? This is how:


+2 entries: Subscribe to the channel

+1 entry: Leave a comment on YouTube

+1 entry: like on YouTube


+2 entries: Follow on Twitter

+1 entry: Retweet my pinned Run It post on Twitter

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+2 entries: Follow on Facebook

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+2 entries: Follow on Instagram

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+2 entries: Sign up to newsletter

This gives you the ability to have 20 chances of winning this prize pack.

What do you win?


This exclusive “The Moment” shirt will include the PHZ-Sicks logo, the name of songs on each sleeve, and the album title on the back of the shirt. The 3 that win this shirt will be the only 3 in the world with it.


The Moment II A Good Day” vinyl pressed by Feedbands is a 150 gram record that includes music off of my last project, “The Moment” as well as music off my new album, “Good Day, Greater Tomorrow.” This album will also be signed personally by me.


Also included is a signed copy of “The Moment” as well.

The deadline for the contest is June 30th so you’ll have enough time!

Look forward to you seeing the video and

Have a Good Day and a Greater Tomorrow