Music Video: PHZ-Sicks - Run It

Happy Juneteenth!

The video is finally here. Thank you everybody that has been following me during tje journey of making this video and now releasing it. I truly appreciate everybody that checks it out.

You are appreciated.

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Virginia rap artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced ‘physics’) presents the "Run It" music video, which is off his upcoming album, Good Day, Greater Tomorrow. Directed by Zack David with music produced by Ashton McCreight, "Run It" comes on the heels of his previous music video "Hurts".

"Every MC sometimes hears a beat and just want to rhyme," PHZ-Sicks says about the song. "Test how dope you can be on the mic, how you can change rhyme patterns, or just be plain dope. This is pretty much that. This is just a heads up that when it comes to rap, I do this and I do it proudly."

Visually, the loose narrative gives insight on PHZ-Sicks as an artist. From his love of film with homage to a certain movie, wrestling references throughout the song, using the humor of 80s glamour shots, and the visual reference of Michelangelo's Pieta to give thanks and show the importance of Black women in the black community. These various images come together in this kinetic music video to visually look inside the mind of PHZ-Sicks.

Have a good day and a great tomorrow!