My Mt. Rushmore of Wrestling


With my love for wrestling showcased throughout my song DX/NWO, it only feels right to talk about the four wrestlers that sparked my interest into the art. I know that some great names are left off, but the people mentioned are the ones that I got to watch in their prime and what kept me watching. So, here’s a woo and two claps for that and here is my Mt. Rushmore of Wrestling.

The UnderTaker

He was the first wrestler to catch my attention as a kid. Was I scared? Hell yeah, but I also thought he was so cool. I was a little kid that loved horror movies but could barely get through watching them so fell right in the sweet spot of my likes. I think I saw one of those Coliseum videos that a kid whose Grandma was watching me had and I was hooked. This was before I was watching it constantly, but it stayed with me. I was rewarded years later with seeing my first wrestling event which was main evented by the Brothers of Destruction vs DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels). My mom had us so close, she had to move back due to all the hair juice and sweat flying towards us. On top of that, Taker had a helluva run of great matches during his Wrestlemania streak and you gotta respect that.

The Rock

Representation matters. Seeing The Nation of Domination had me proud as a kid. These wrestlers looked like me. I understood their frustration. They weren’t just some punks. Faarooq, Mark Henry, The GodFather, D-Lo, Owen Hart, and the cocky and electrifying The Rock. The Rock could take the mundane and make gold. When it comes to entertaining, I take after him. I always say when I walk towards that stage, I walk in the same way my favorite wrestlers do. I’m either Razor, Stone Cold, but most of the time, I’m The Rock.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

I remember discovering that wrestling was on USA. I remember flipping the channel and seeing Bret Hart being pissed. I didn’t know why and then a man came on the scream and explained everything. “And that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.” I watched in amazement as he stomped mud holes through the WWF/E over the years. When it came to the total package, he was it. A talker. A seller. Could tell a story in the ring. Funny. There was nothing he couldn’t do and it’s why he is one of the greatest of all times.

AJ Styles

When stories are stale, one thing that can help that is being able to wrestle your ass off. This is AJ Styles to the T. When that bell rings, you’re going to love what you watch. There have been plenty of times, I put my friends on who stopped watch wrestling for years to a match and they are amazed. That’s great wrestling and only a few can deliver, and a smaller amount can deliver every damn time. Above is one of the best matches you’ll see. Enjoy!

Original Source: Wrestling Ethos