Sick Album Recommendations: Brain Rapp - Bloom

The biggest middle finger is a smile- Brain Rapp

MD rapper, bar heavy barista, and enviormental scientist, Brain Rapp released this dope coheisive project on my birthday (March 23rd!) but there is no expiration date with art. You have to let it grow, which Brain did with this recorded. Produced by Brandon Carlyle, this 6 song project with narration between each song is really thought out. No song seems out of place and Brain is in his element on air beat he decides to spit on. The growth as an artist and the positivity is palable throughout the whole album and it is defeintly a listen.

Click on preferred streaming link above and check out the video for the song “Light.”


  1. Be

  2. Light

  3. Breathe

  4. Air

  5. Find

  6. Soil

  7. Forget

  8. Time

  9. Enjoy

  10. Rain

  11. You

  12. Bloom

Fun fact: The reason this site was created was because of me looking at Brain’s website and getting the kick in the ass to bring mine back.

If you’re feeling what you’re hearing, check out Brain Rapp LIVE on May 23rd at Waverly Brewing Co. in Baltimore. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased by CLICKING THE FLYER BELOW